all clear :)

I had a consultation with my oncologist today and the PET scan was all clear. There is no detectable cancer in my body which means I have not relapsed since the last PET scan (3 months). Every day past post treatment, the rate of relapse decreases. For me it is already at a very low rate, and this will gradually become  ‘0%’ over the coming months/years.

From here for the next 2 years I will need to have checkups every 3 months. My next checkup will be a physical checkup and a blood test which will also specifically test the function of my thyroid.

At the 6 month mark, I will have another PET scan.

At 9 months it will be another physical test & blood test and finally at 12 months another PET scan.

This cycle will repeat for year 2.

Year 3 will require less checkups, but I may be getting a bit ahead of myself now 😉

Anyway – off to enjoy the weekend 🙂